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Paris: Team Members


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I recently went to Paris for a weekend break towards the end of November 2021. The weather was pretty much the same as the UK with the evenings getting colder each night we were there. We travelled by Eurostar which took just over 2hrs which was pretty straightforward, although we were delayed on our way there. 

Personally, I think Paris is perfect for a weekend break but not for a holiday over 4 days. There isn’t much to do besides eat, shop, take pictures and visit attractions like the Eiffel Tower. When people say that Paris as a travel destination has good PR, they are absolutely right. I had been twice before but only for the day so those trips went by so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to take anything in. 

See the pictures I took below. Stay tuned to find out where I am travelling to next…

Paris: Video
Paris: Work

France on Film: Day 1-2

Paris: Text
Paris: Work

France on Film: Day 3-4

Paris: Text
Paris: Work
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