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See The World Through Her Eyes.

Ronita is a Director, Filmmaker and Cultural & Visual Anthropologist with a special interest in culture and identity. Specialising mainly in documentaries, music videos and experimental/art film, she hopes to use her work to bring stories of culture and identity to life. Growing up, Ronita always knew that the creative world was for her and always loved the worlds of fashion, music and media. She also loves learning new things, particularly within the worlds of culture, identity and social issues. In directing, she wants to and has been able to create work that sees all these worlds colliding. Ronita prides herself on being self-taught and tapping into her creativity, life experiences and a wide variety of skills in her work. She aims to use her platform as a place to bring stories of culture and identity to life. Ronita believes in creating spaces for new voices to contribute to discussions about our ever-changing world and aims to create a platform for these voices. 

Ronita has always had an interest in culture, leading her to study Anthropology and International Development at university. She started her journey with film during her Masters degree in Media Practice for Development and Social Change. Alongside writing her dissertation, she created her first documentary series GRWM: The Docuseries exploring our intrinsic relationships with fashion, beauty and style. After finishing her dissertation, she began working at the channel Yanga! TV as a Junior Editor and eventually working as an Assistant Producer on shows such as Noni and What’s Hot.

Ronita began her freelance journey in August 2021, gaining extensive experience on set as a Runner on the sets of commercials, music videos and films. She got her official start as a Director in March 2022, directing and producing the music video Childish for Jords. Since then she has gone on to direct music videos, documentaries and experimental films. Her experimental film I Am Beautiful won her Best International Experimental at the Alternative Film Festival. 

Alongside filmmaking, she also has experience as a Producer, Director’s Assistant and Treatment Writer/Designer.

About Ronita's World

Ronita's World is home to her portfolio. She draws her creativity from her imagination and being in her own little world. It started as a blog in her first year of university as coursework for an International Development module. Since then it has taken a visual form and created a career path. Ronita's World is home to her thoughts and responses to the world around her.

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