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We all have different experiences of the world. Our identity and experiences shape how we interact with each other and our place in society, yet we all have different definitions of identity, what is part of our identity and its importance in our life.

Anthony Cohen* finds that “people become aware of their culture when they stand at its boundaries; when they encounter other cultures or when they become aware of other ways of doing things, or merely of contradictions to their own culture.” In our increasingly diverse world, we are constantly coming encountering people and entering spaces that challenge or make us think/rethink our identity. In a series I call My World, I ask people to think about what identity means to them, what their identity is and how their environment has shaped it.

I speak to people about their experiences growing up in different places around the world. Identity, especially in the UK, is often a tricky and touchy subject particularly in Britain where we are often taught not to see race. Despite this, we often become even more aware and conscious of our differences**

*cited in: Eriksen, T. (2001). Small places, large issues. 4th ed. London: Pluto Press.

**Hirsch, A. (2018). Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging. London: Random House.

Photography by Ronita's World

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