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I am a Non-Scripted and Factual Content and Cultural Producer specialising in written and visual content. I consider myself an all-round creative. The focus of my work draws from my academic background in Anthropology, International Development and Social Change and my personal research interests of Culture, Identity, Race & Ethnicity, Gender, Feminism and Media (Documentary/Photography). This means that I am also interested in what stories things like fashion, music and food can tell us. I guess you could say that I do what I do for the culture!!

My recent work includes GRWM: The Docuseries, What's Hot on Yanga! TV and client work for DKUK Salon, Ata Rodo London and Afro Hair and Beauty Live. I pride myself on being self-taught and tapping into my creativity and wide variety of skills. This means that I have experience as a Producer/Assistant Producer (Content/Broadcast/Event/Cultural), Director, Researcher, Writer, Content Creator and Editor to name a few.

I am currently working as a freelance Editor at Yanga! TV which also means I work on some of their productions in various roles such as Assistant Producer, Researcher and Camera Operator.

I try to use my work as a platform for stories about culture and identity. I believe in creating spaces for new voices to contribute to discussions about our ever-changing world and it is my aim to create a platform for these voices. 

About Ronita's World

Ronita's World is my portfolio and home to my personal projects. I often am in my thoughts, another world, and that is where I draw my creativity from.

I started my blog in my first year of university as coursework for my International Development: Ideas and Actors module. Since then it has taken a visual form and created a career path for me. Ronita's World is home to my thoughts and responses to the world around me. You can view my original blogsite here:

If you would like to work with me or for more information about my career experience, my work or anything in between, please feel free to get in touch


Companies I've Worked With

Afro Hair and Beauty Live
DKUK Salon
shades of beauty live

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