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Greenz Official - Easy Does It


Director: Video
Drizilik - Bad Padi

Drizilik - Bad Padi

Director: Video

Still - William Cline-Bailey (Official Dance Film)

Still depicts how we experience love. It explores how love can make you feel - the butterflies, the joy, the excitement. The film is inspired by the thoughts and emotions running through the main character’s head. It is a daydream of sorts, depicting how she experiences love.

The main character is off to see her partner on a date. She is full of excitement but also nervous like it’s their first date. They’ve been together for 6 years but every time they see each other, it feels like the first time. She’s skipping through the streets, counting down the minutes till they’re together.


Song written, arranged and produced by William Cline Bailey


Piano - Adam Carpenter

Upright Bass - Rohan Oliver

Drums - William Cline Bailey

Recorded at Beckview studios, Scarborough, North Yorkshire


Megan Lesser

Harry Davies

Director/Producer: Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

DOP/Editor: Tracy Kiryango

Choreographer: Megan Lesser

Runner: Jess Powell

Director: Video

Jerub - Scared To Be Myself

Director: Video

I Am Beautiful

I Am Beautiful captures the battle between self-love and self-hate, positive affirmations and negative thoughts. When we fall short of the beauty standards, we tell ourselves that we are not ...enough. We aren’t slim enough. We aren’t pretty enough. We just aren’t enough. Challenging those negative thoughts with positive affirmations has been a saving grace for many women.

A few simple words can give women a new sense of freedom.

Official Selection: Lift Off Global Network Sessions 2022

Alternative Film Festival Winter 2022 Super Short Category Winner: Best Experimental (International)

Alternative Film Festival Winter 2022 Super Short Category Nominee: Best Actress


Director: Ronita Awoonor-Gordon

Producer: Anita Okpongete

Dancer: Megan Lesser

DOP: Christine Tatenda

BTS Photographer: Michelle Kalil

Music Production: Blaise Sound Design

VO Artist: Anita, Cassie, Jasmine, Kemi, Ronita, Ruth, Serah, Tajana, Tasneim

With Support from Somesuch

Director: Video


Rebrand is a talk show with a focus on helping people live life to the fullest. A panel of 4 attempt to transform themselves and their lives and are bringing you along the journey.

I directed all episodes of this studio talk show's first season.

Director: Video

Thank You Notes: Reggae with Teshay Makeda

A follow up to the film Notes of Resistance: Reggae, Thank You Notes featuring Teshay Makeda takes a look at the legacy that Reggae has left. Reggae has a long history of giving a voice to the voiceless. Thank You Notes allows artists of today to say thank you to those who paved a way for them to be able to make the music that they do. With many from Reggae’s heyday worrying about the genre’s future, we speak to Teshay Makeda at Lambeth Country Show doing her part to keep the genre alive. Join her as she prepares to go on stage for a set she has curated to pay homage to the women in Reggae, Roots and Soul. 

With performances from: Teshay Makeda, Dionne Reid and Aysha Loren and the Empresses of Soul, Reggae and Roots: Lorna 'Sutara' G, TeeJAH PRAYze, Empress Storm, Rafeelya, Summer Pearl, Kosher, Empress Imani, Makeda Moore and Visaka

Director: Video

Notes of Resistance: Reggae

Many genres have been born out of resistance inspiring generations to create a space for themselves despite wider societies’ efforts to erase them. Reggae music, a staple and cultural export of Jamaican culture, has been enjoyed by many across the world. However, little is known on this same scale about the roots of the genre and its role as a form of expression for often marginalised communities in the UK. Many reggae songs offer messages of empowerment, particularly for black people and communities, and critiques of oppressive governments and social norms. 

Featuring: Winston Bennett, Ben Bell and Oxman

Director: Video

Terms and Conditions: The Finer Details

Throughout rap history, brand name drops and designated styling teams have been essential to a rapper's success. Being a rapper is now more than just the lyrics you write. You have to look the part as well. This documentary explores the synergy between the music and fashion world. Presenter, April Hamilton, sits down with rapper kadiata and stylist Alizé Demange to explore image in the rap world.

This film was made possible by YouTube Original's Terms and Conditions Film School, celebrating Black history being made; beyond a month, beyond a moment. This year YouTube Original's is spotlighting three incredibly talented up and coming Black filmmakers. Inspired by the drill scene and its ability to transcend borders, watch YouTube Original's film - Terms and Conditions: Deeper Than Drill - on GRM Daily to learn what it means to create on your own terms.


April Hamilton 


Alizé Demange

Director - Ronita Awoonor-Gordon 

Producer - Zion Roache

Exec Producer - Dijian Eccles, André Reid

Production Company - DMND CLR

DOP - Melissa Cofie 

Editor & Post Production: Ollie McCoy

1st AD - Teoman Han

Sound Recordist: Kyle Bernard

Gaffer - Kurtis Justis Bernard

Stills Photographer: Nirah Sanghani 

Camera Assistant - Pamela Cofie

Special Thanks to: 

Louise Clarke

Bébé Garçon Clothing 

Daily Paper | Future Brand Thinking

Billionaire Boys Club

Lost + Found Studios


Director: Video

Kadiata - Just Because ft. Shamiya Battles [Prod. by Flamin Beatz]

Director - Ronita

Producer - Teoman Han

Exec Producer - Ashleigh Jadee

Production Company - Dynasty Entertainment

DOP - David Witchell

Gaffer - Beau Wilkinson

1st AD - Poonam Chauhan

Stylist - Janice Mahenge

Editor - Nomad

Colour Grader - Desmond Dakura

Title Card - Poonam Chauhan

Management - The Lone Wolf Group, SNM Management


Vanya Chulkov



Director: Video

Jords - Childish

I directed and produced this music video for Jords, my debut music video

Director/Producer: Ronita 

Exec Producer: Ashleigh Jadee

Production Company: Dynasty Entertainment

DOP/Editor: Abu Dumbuya

1st AD: Marnz Brown

Drone Op/Runner: Svet Urlachki

Director’s Assistant: Poonam Chauhan

BTS: Michelle Kalil

BTS Video: Lauren Mccollin

Management: The Lone Wolf Group

Director: Video

SeeAbility - Robert's Story

I shot SeeAbility's Summer Appeal telling the story of Robert who was supported by the charity after being diagnosed with Junior Batten's Disease. I also edited the full length version of the film

Director: Video

VIP Unlocked The Carmel Show

Unlock the VIP guestlist with Christina Carmel and get backstage access into the lives of some of your favourite people.

I directed this studio talk show, assisted with editing and made key creative decisions

Director: Video

GRWM: The Docuseries

GRWM is my first documentary series that explores our relationships with fashion, beauty and styling. The decisions we make each time we get ready tell stories about who we are, our pasts and our futures

Director: Video


I started Talks with Ronita’s World to keep creative during this lockdown period. I am very passionate about social issues and use my creativity to explore, learn more and teach others about it.  A few weeks, in response to the response to BLM protests, I asked my followers a series of questions about home. There is a notion amongst some that if you critique systems where you live, you should leave. It is clear that home means different things to different people. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with racism and other forms of oppression to call a place your home. Due to lockdown, my resources were limited and I couldn’t film/explore the topic as much I would have liked. For now, this is what I and my followers has to say, hope you find this interesting...

Director: Video

Let Me In

Growing up, we all had hopes and dreams. Society tells us to work hard to achieve them but what happens when you work hard and are still told no? This is the reality for young migrants when trying to go to university in the UK. Let Me In is a multimedia project that tells the stories of young individuals fighting for their right to be educated and the people who help them.

Director: Video
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