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You Gotta Believe In Something...

There's a line in the Frank Ocean song, We All Try, that says "you gotta believe in something." In order to survive in this life, we often put our hope and faith in different things. There is a field within Anthropology, Religion, Ritual & Belief Systems, that aims to understand what people believe and why. What do you believe in?



Do you believe in a religion? Do you believe in a higher power who looks over you and knows what’s best for you? Does your religion and beliefs provide you with comfort and hope for the future? Is it the basis of your moral compass and does it shape how you live your daily life?

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The Universe

Do you believe in the universe? Do you believe that the stars will align in your favour? Do you believe in the law of attraction or that if you put positivity out into the universe, your life will be affected positively? Do you believe in astrology? Do you believe that your star signs or the day you were born alter your life experience? On the other hand, do you believe that life started from the big bang or other scientific explanations of the universe?

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Beliefs and Opinions

Do you have beliefs that dictate and shape the way you live? Do you stand for what you believe in? Do you believe that others should also believe in your point of view? Do you believe that your point of view is fact? Do you believe that your point of view can change society for the better?

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Do you believe money makes the world go round? Do you believe that if you had just a bit more money you would be better off? Do you believe money would solve society’s biggest problems? Do you believe money has the power to change lives?

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Do you believe in family and friendships? Do you place importance on your relationships with others? Do they provide you with happiness, comfort and hope for the future? Do these relationships inspire you and help you to be the best you can be? Would you trust these people with your life? Do you believe in them? Do you push them to be their greatest?

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Celebrities, Inspirations and Notable Figures

Do you believe that celebrities have the power to get you through tough situations? Do you put people on a pedestal? Do you believe in what they believe in? Are they the reason for some of your beliefs? Do you support them and look up to them as if they were a family member? Are you a stan and what does that mean to you? Do you believe that their actions affect you? Do you believe in them and their journeys/careers?

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Final Thoughts

You may believe in multiple things or nothing at all but belief still shapes our daily lives. Our beliefs determine how we live and our perception of the world. We live amongst people with different beliefs and must navigate our way through society. Greg Koukl argues that every single person believes in something. Even rejecting a belief is a type of belief. Everyone thinks something is true, even if that means you think that nothing is.

So, what do you believe in?

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to Funso for helping me with this project and feauturing in it. Check out her photography instagram page: @funsovisuals and her website:


We all believe in something...even if we believe there's nothing to believe.  I'm not interested in telling you what I believe...and trying to make you believe in something.  But I'm curious:  How do you know what you know?  How did you get your beliefs?  What is it in the moment?  We could know the truth of everything.  What does the consciousness know?  For just one moment...if we could get it all out...if we could just know for one moment what our consciousness where it came from.