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GRWM: The Docuseries *Coming Soon* - Behind the Idea

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Fashion and beauty to me has always been more than just fashion and beauty. Every choice we make is influenced by our personal experiences, good or bad. They can be the result of wanting to fit in or succumbing to social pressures or they can be a conscious or unconscious decision to resist and disregard social norms. Looking at fashion and beauty marketing, it is easy to think that fashion and beauty regimes are just superficial acts. However, the adverts, the range in stores, the affordability and everything in between says something very specific about society.

This has been something that I have been thinking about more and more. As I grow older and have more control over my style, I have noticed that I have/had made specific choices to either fit in or stand out. I was sure that I was not the only one whose life experiences shaped my choices. I had seen countless conversations online where people shared how issues such as body image, colorism and culture shaped their navigation of fashion, beauty and style. This, alongside my dream to become a Producer & Director, inspired me to document the stories of people's journeys to self-definition through fashion, beauty and style.

In April, I started filming for the documentary. I enjoy GRWM tags on YouTube and thought this would be an effective way of exploring and starting discussion. Rather than simply 'getting ready' with the participants, I decided to 'get real' with them. These topics can often be hard to talk about but the discussions are necessary. We have to not only help each other but help younger generations. We know the pain and the joy that comes along with fashion and beauty so let's heal together.

I also created the graphic for the documentary. I designed it to replicate a vision board, one which envisions what would be needed to achieve the 'ideal' level of fashion, beauty and style. It also highlights problem areas and topics that may challenge and/or influence our choices. The crossed out faces represents the frustrations of most people who are unable to achieve the societal ideal of fashion, beauty, styling etc.

I am so excited to announce the docuseries is coming out very soon and I can't wait for you to see it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch the documentary and share the documentary -


Get Real With Me (GRWM) is a docuseries that explores our connections with fashion, beauty, styling and hair. A play on the Get Ready With Me style videos, each episode tells the highs and lows of navigating self-styling and explores the wider topics at play here. The way you look isn’t just superficial, it tells the story of who you are.


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