How would describe yourself and your identity?

My name is Funso, I’m an Anthropology student and freelance photographer. I identify as black/mixed race as my dad is Yoruba (Nigerian) and my mum is from Liverpool, UK


What is identity to you?

Identity is a way of giving each of us space in the world, a way to belong to something bigger than ourselves – a way to be part of a community


What was your experience of growing up in the UK?

I think my experience has been pretty okay, apart from people making fun of my nostrils and touching my hair every school day without fail. I have been able to meet people with identities spanning all walks of life because of how diverse London is


Has this shaped/changed your identity?

Definitely! I have learnt so much from other people and their identities. I feel it has made me more tolerant and open to developing my identity and allowing it to change


What influences your identity?

Your environment, your parents, media the list goes on. I feel there are boxes in society and we just find the one we feel most comfortable in according to how we look or feel