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Selected Credits

Editor: About

SeeAbility - Robert's Story

I shot SeeAbility's Summer Appeal telling the story of Robert who was supported by the charity after being diagnosed with Junior Batten's Disease. I also edited the full length version of the film

Editor: Video

Promos for Yanga! TV

I edit promos for upcoming movies and shows for Yanga! TV

Editor: Video

Darlington - Performance and Interview

I edited this piece for use by Yanga! TV. I also Vision Mixed the interview and was a Studio Camera Operator for the performance

Editor: Video

Noni (Season 6)

Noni is Yanga!'s flagship talk show where we discuss the topics that you, our viewers at home, are talking about - just a little but louder!
[Multiple Episodes and Social Content]

Editor: Video

What's Hot (Season 1)

What's Hot is Yanga! TV's fresh talk show that gets into what's hot and trending.
[Episode 4 and Social Content]

Editor: Video

Ajoyo (Saturday)

ATA RODO London is a space that gives women of colour the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. 
Their first event took place in January and I got the opportunity to create a promotional visual recap of the day's events. Check out this short clip from the event...

Editor: Video


I started Talks with Ronita’s World to keep creative during this lockdown period. I am very passionate about social issues and use my creativity to explore, learn more and teach others about it.  A few weeks, in response to the response to BLM protests, I asked my followers a series of questions about home. There is a notion amongst some that if you critique systems where you live, you should leave. It is clear that home means different things to different people. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with racism and other forms of oppression to call a place your home. Due to lockdown, my resources were limited and I couldn’t film/explore the topic as much I would have liked. For now, this is what I and my followers has to say, hope you find this interesting...

Editor: Video

GRWM: The Docuseries

GRWM is my first documentary series that explores our relationships with fashion, beauty and styling. The decisions we make each time we get ready tell stories about who we are, our pasts and our futures

Editor: Video

This World (Travel)

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow" - Anita Desai
There is so much beauty in the world that we do not get to see when we are stuck in our daily routines. Join me as I travel through the world and see the world through my eyes.

Editor: Video

Let Me In

Growing up, we all had hopes and dreams. Society tells us to work hard to achieve them but what happens when you work hard and are still told no? This is the reality for young migrants when trying to go to university in the UK. Let Me In is a multimedia project that tells the stories of young individuals fighting for their right to be educated and the people who help them.

Editor: Video
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